[ad_1] The Story of the Lost Sheep

Once upon a time, in a small village on the edge of a forest, there lived a shepherd named Mike. Mike had a flock of sheep that he took care of every day.

One day, Mike was walking through the forest with his flock when he noticed one of his sheep was missing. He searched everywhere, but he could not find the lost sheep. He was very worried and sad.

He decided to ask the other animals in the forest if they had seen the lost sheep. He asked the birds, the rabbits, the deer, and even the foxes, but none of them had seen the lost sheep.

Mike was about to give up when he heard a faint bleating sound coming from deep within the forest. He followed the sound and eventually found the lost sheep, tangled in a bush.

Mike was so relieved to find the lost sheep safe and sound. He gently untangled the sheep from the bush and carried it back to the flock.

The other sheep were so happy to see the lost sheep back with them. They all celebrated with a big feast of grass and flowers.

From then on, Mike was extra careful to keep an eye on all of his sheep, so that none of them would ever get lost again.

The end.[ad_2]

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