[ad_1] The Magic of the Rainbow Fish

Once upon a time there was a little fish that lived in the deep blue sea. He was a very special fish and had a unique talent – he could make rainbows.

Every day, the little fish would swim around, creating beautiful rainbows in the water. He was so proud of his skill and wanted to show it off to the other creatures of the sea.

One day, a big whale came along and asked the little fish to make a rainbow for him. The fish was so excited and he immediately began to make a beautiful rainbow. The whale was so impressed with the rainbow that he asked the fish to come with him to share his talent with the other creatures of the sea.

The fish was so happy and he agreed to go. He swam with the whale for days, creating rainbow after rainbow for the other creatures. Everywhere he went, the fish was welcomed with open fins and all the creatures were so happy to see the beautiful rainbows he made.

The little fish was so proud of himself and he knew that he was making the sea a happier and brighter place. He had found his true talent and was using it to make the world a better place.

The little fish had discovered the magic of the rainbow and he knew that he would never forget it.[ad_2]

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