[ad_1] The Princess and the Dragon

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess named Lucy. She lived in a magnificent castle with her parents, the King and Queen.

One day, a dragon appeared in the sky above the castle. It was huge and had bright green scales and a long, spiky tail. Everyone in the kingdom was terrified.

The King and Queen decided that the only way to get rid of the dragon was to send their daughter, the Princess, to confront it. Lucy was brave and agreed to go.

The King gave her a magical sword and a shield for protection. He also gave her a bag of gold coins to offer the dragon as a bribe.

Lucy set out on her journey to the dragon’s cave. Along the way, she encountered many obstacles, but with the help of her magical sword and shield, she was able to overcome them.

Finally, she arrived at the dragon’s cave. She stepped inside and saw the dragon sleeping in its nest. She was so scared, but she knew she had to be brave.

She took out the bag of gold coins and offered it to the dragon. The dragon was so pleased with the bribe that it agreed to leave the kingdom and never return.

Lucy was a hero! The King and Queen were so proud of her and the people of the kingdom celebrated her bravery.

From that day forward, Lucy was known as the Princess who defeated the Dragon.[ad_2]

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