[ad_1] The Magic of a Rainbow

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Abigail who loved rainbows. Every time she saw a rainbow in the sky, she felt a spark of magic in her heart.

One day, Abigail was walking in the forest when she saw a beautiful rainbow in the sky. She couldn’t believe her eyes! She had never seen a rainbow so big and so colorful! She ran up to it, and as she got closer, she noticed that the rainbow was made up of millions of tiny little raindrops.

Abigail couldn’t believe her luck. She had found the most magical rainbow she had ever seen! She wanted to stay and admire it forever, but she knew she had to keep going.

So, she decided to take a piece of the rainbow with her. She carefully plucked one of the raindrops and put it in her pocket.

As soon as Abigail got home, she ran to her room and opened her pocket. Inside was the most beautiful little raindrop she had ever seen. It was a deep blue color with a hint of pink and purple.

Abigail was so excited! She knew that this little raindrop was her own little piece of the magical rainbow she had seen in the forest. She kept it safe in her pocket and every time she looked at it, she was reminded of the magic of rainbows.

The End.[ad_2]

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